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Embold’s Polar Plungers Raise Over $51,000 for Special Olympics Oregon

Embold polar plungers walking into the river

As we sit back and reflect on our recent adventure, the chill of that day still resonates with us, a reminder of the exhilaration and the profound warmth of community spirit in the face of icy watersthe Polar Plunge into the chilling waters of the Willamette River.
super plungers in costumes

This endeavor wasn’t merely a test of our resolve against the cold; it was a mission we embarked on together to support a cause dear to our hearts—raising funds for Special Olympics Oregon. Our plunge into the icy waters was more than just a thrilling experience; it was a triumphant effort that resulted in over $51,000 raised for this incredible organization.

Embold polar plungersThe Polar Plunge represents more than just a moment of bravery; it’s a celebration of courage, inclusion, and the indomitable spirit of community. It supports the vital mission of the Special Olympics to foster recognition and opportunity for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, a movement that has been breaking barriers and opening doors since 1968.

Our team for this event was a vibrant group of 40, including Embold employees, their families, and friends. Among us were six Super Plungers, individuals who demonstrated extraordinary dedication by diving into the cold river waters hourly for 24 continuous hours.  During the plunge, they kept spirits high with hourly costume changes, transforming from mermaids to cowboys, zombies to witches, and even kangaroos. This eclectic attire was not for a festive occasion but for a challenge they eagerly accepted: the 24-hour Super Plunge. Their commitment began at noon on February 23, 2024, and ended at noon on the following day—a testament to the strength and determination that lies within our team. 

To enhance our impact, we engaged in various fundraising activities, from bake sales and raffles to partnerships with local restaurants. During the plunge, we kept spirits high with hourly costume changes, transforming from mermaids to cowboys, zombies to witches, and even kangaroos. These moments of joy and camaraderie were pivotal in raising unprecedented awareness and funds for a cause that means the world to us.Embold runner

This year marked our seventh year of participation in both the Polar and Super Plunge events for Special Olympics Oregon. Since 2018, we have contributed over $225,000 to this noble cause. Aaron Goff, our CEO, perfectly captured our sentiment: “At Embold, we strive to do more than provide exceptional financial services. We are committed to making a tangible difference in our communities and in the lives of individuals of all abilities. The Polar Plunge embodies our team’s spirit and our unwavering dedication to significantly impacting the lives of countless children and adults.”

team emboldAs we reminisce about this plunge, we are filled with gratitude for our team and our community. Together, we have demonstrated that even the coldest waters cannot dampen the warmth of our collective spirit. Here’s to many more plunges, shared laughs, and moments of making a meaningful difference.