Electronic Documents

Electronic Documents

Get your documents instantly and reduce your environmental impact.

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Did you know the average U.S. household can save six pounds of paper per year simply by switching to paperless statements? That’s 29 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year! Plus, you get instant access to your statements, notices, and tax forms and can keep sensitive info out of your mailbox. It’s a win-win-win.

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You can access your electronic documents from your digital banking dashboard. Just sign into digital banking and look for the “electronic documents” tab.

No problemo! From you digital banking account, you can export your electronic statements and other documents as PDF files and save them to your own computer.

There sure is! From digital banking, you can access our Personal Financial Manager widget to help with budgeting, reaching your savings goals, and more. You can also access a downloadable reconciliation page here.

Ready, set, go

Go paperless by logging in to digital banking and selecting the “electronic documents” widget.

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