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Sending and Receiving Wire Transfers

Wire transfers (or “wires”) are a great way to move money from one account to another, either domestically or internationally.

Domestic wire transfers are wires sent within the United States, whereas international wire transfers are wires sent anywhere outside of the United States. When conducting a wire transfer, funds are transmitted through the wire network, known as the Federal Reserve Wire Network. The Federal Reserve manages this network that financial institutions use to send and receive funds via wire transfer.

Wire transfers are one of the more costly methods of moving funds electronically. It’s important to note that use of the Federal Reserve Wire Network is not free for financial institutions. At Embold, the fees assessed for these services are not done for profit, but instead are assessed at-cost to protect the funds and security of the entire membership.


Wire Transfer Fees

Domestic Wire Transfers

International Wire Transfers

Domestic Wire Transfers

Incoming: $8.00 per item

International Wire Transfers

Incoming: $25.00 per item

Domestic Wire Transfers

Outgoing: $18.00 per item

International Wire Transfers

Outgoing: $55.00 per item

Be sure to have the following information ready before making your in-person appointment to send a domestic wire from your favorite Embold branch:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Recipient’s bank name
  • Recipients bank address
  • Recipient’s bank account number and routing number
  • Recipient’s physical address (no PO boxes)
  • Amount of money to be sent

Sending an international wire? Be sure to also have these on hand:

If using a United States “go through” bank:

  • Corresponding bank name
  • Corresponding bank address
  • Corresponding bank routing number

If using a foreign “go through” bank:

  • Intermediary bank swift code
  • Intermediary bank name
  • Intermediary bank address

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