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Your credit score impacts your ability to borrow money, rent a house, get car insurance… and more. Embold empowers you to know where your FICO® score stands so you don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises.

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Access resources to help you understand your credit situation and identify areas for improvement.

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Sign in regularly to monitor your score and address any areas of concern.

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Viewing your score with this feature will not impact your credit. Visit the site as often as you want!

Embold will update it quarterly. Remember that viewing your FICO® Score through this feature will not impact it, so visit the site as often as you want.

When you use this feature to view your FICO® Score, you’ll see key factors that affected your score. Seeing what impacts your score is a great way to maintain your credit and stay on top of it.

Access to this feature is free and available to you if you have an open loan with Embold.

You can read educational content on FICO® Scores, financial health, and more!

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