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Hola! Hallo! Salut! Nǐ hǎo! However you say hello, we’re happy to help you in your financial journey. If you don’t have a Social Security Number (SSN), our ITIN loan options may be a great option to help you achieve your next milestone.

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Our ITIN loan program is designed for community members who have Individual Tax ID Numbers and not Social Security Numbers. To be eligible to apply you must have an ITIN Letter and live, work, worship, or attend school in Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington, Marion, Yamhill, or Polk County, or be family of a current member.

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Auto & RV Loans

With ITIN lending solutions, getting a new or more reliable car isn’t out of the question. At Embold, we want to help get you moving.

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Credit Cards

Get more purchasing power, or have a little budget security with an Embold credit card. Reward options, low rates, and no hidden fees are all available for ITIN lending.

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Personal Loans

Low, fixed rates. Easy payments. No prepayment penalties. You can use an Embold ITIN loan for just about anything.

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Consolidation Loans

Transform multiple debts into one fixed, manageable monthly payment, with no annual fee. A consolidation loan from Embold can help you pay your balance down faster and save on interest.

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Payday Alternative Loans

From time-to-time emergencies happen that can really set us back. If you don’t have money saved or a way to borrow, where do you turn? Our Payday Alternative Loans are here to help you without any predatory lending practices.

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Skip a Payment

Life happens. Most Embold loans allow you to request a skip payment for a low fee. Skip this month’s payment with no impact on your credit score, and use the money you save to get back on track.

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Change Your Due Date

Sometimes arranging your month differently can help you maximize your paycheck-to-payment ratio. If you want to move the due date for your loan, use our handy form and email us, drop it off at any branch, or send it via snail mail.

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Payment Protection

When the unexpected happens, Payment Protection can protect your loan against life’s most unforeseen events. Increase your monthly loan payment by a little to increase your peace of mind by a lot.

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Questions? We've got answers

ITIN stands for Individual tax identification number. The IRS provides ITINs to persons who are not eligible for Social Security Numbers.

At Embold we want all members to have access to services and products that will help you reach your financial goals. With an ITIN you have access to all services and products, except real estate lending.

A tax identification number is necessary in order to open accounts or loans. If you previously had an ITIN and now have an SSN, you will need to provide the most current and valid identification number.

Yes, in order to have a loan at Embold you need to be a member. Learn more about Embold and what it means to be a member by clicking here.

For all new members, we require valid government issued identification (for example: state issued driver’s license/identification card, Matricula consular, US passport or military identification). In addition to identification, you will need to provide your ITIN authorization letter from the IRS.

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1. For details, see our Truth in Lending document here.