Payday Alternative Loan

Payday Alternative Loan

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When you find yourself in a bind and you need a little extra to get you through the month, Embold’s Payday Alternative Loan4 offers an affordable way forward.

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Affordable payments

Current interest rate: 15.00%.

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Borrow what you need

Loan amounts range from $200 to $750.

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Flexible terms

Budget-friendly repayment terms between one to six months.

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Quick approvals

Approvals are based on your current situation, not your credit score.

Questions? Reach out, visit your local branch, or give us a call at (503) 656-0671.

Three reasons to avoid traditional payday loans

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Interest can be as high as 600%¹!

There’s a reason payday loans are known as predatory financial services. Most payday lenders don’t tell you what you’re paying in terms of interest—they’ll instead tell you what their fees are per dollars borrowed. But if you break down their numbers the way we break down ours, you’ll see that the average interest rates wind up being between 300% and 600%.

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You're expected to repay right away.

Most payday loans have a term of two weeks. But what happens if you can’t pay it off when your next paycheck rolls around? You can ask the payday lender to “roll over” the loan. But that just creates a finance-charge avalanche. The amount you have to repay can quickly be double the amount you originally borrowed.

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Payday lenders target our most vulnerable consumers.

At Embold, we believe in financial freedom for all, and that especially applies to our members who may find themselves in a tight spot. Our goal is to help you achieve stability and wellness, not to take advantage of anyone who is down on their luck.

We're here to help

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Skip a Payment.

Life happens. Most Embold loans allow you to request a skip payment for a low fee. Skip this month’s payment with no impact on your credit score, and use the money you save to get back on track.

Skip a payment
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Change Your Due Date.

Sometimes arranging your month differently can help you maximize your paycheck-to-payment ratio. If you want to move the due date for your loan, use our handy form and email us, drop it off at any branch, or send it snail mail.

Change my due date
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Payment Protection

When the unexpected happens, Payment Protection can protect your loan against life’s most unforeseen events. Increase your monthly loan payment by a little to increase your peace of mind by a lot.

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1) For more information regarding Payday Loans, click here.

2) APR=Annual Percentage Rate.

3) Member Perks: On your fourth product, take advantage of a 0.25% rate increase on Share Certificates or 0.25% decrease on fixed rate and term loans. $500 closing cost credit on first mortgage loans and $250 closing cost credit on HELOCs and RELOCs. Required products include: a savings account, a checking account, enrolled in eStatements, and one additional deposit or loan product.

4) To qualify for a Payday Alternative Loan, borrower must be a member for at least two months. Loan must be repaid by the payment date and cannot be rolled over. Borrowers may not take out more than three Payday Alternative Loans within a six-month period. All loans are subject to minimum qualifications. See Truth in Lending document for details.