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Meet our 2023 Scholarship Recipients

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For the third year, we have awarded ten scholarships to recent high school graduates and adult learners to help cover the cost of college. These $1,500 scholarships can be used toward tuition, books, on-campus housing, and other related costs.


Introducing our 2023 Scholarship Recipients:2023 scholarship recipients

Carter P: Carter is a dedicated individual, having earned the OCHS Honor Chord and membership in both the National Honor Society and International Seminar. His commitment to community service shines through his involvement as a Love One volunteer. Recognized for his academic achievements, he has been awarded the Summit Scholarship as well as the Local 290 Scholarship.

Denver G: Denver is a passionate individual with a deep appreciated for the various forms of art. From singing and dancing to writing, drawing, and reading, her creativity knows no bounds. She finds solace in the beauty of nature and aspires to share her love for the arts by becoming a high school music teacher in the future.

Ella M: Ella is a dedicated athlete and student, having showcased her passion for lacrosse by contributing four years to the varsity team and assuming the captaincy from 2021 to 2023. Her excellence on the field was evident with accolades like 1st team All League and 1st team All State for three consecutive years, while her commitment stretched from 2016 to 2023, encompassing both JV and Varsity play. Beyond athletics, her academic prowess led to membership in the National Honor Society from 2021 to 2023, and her compassionate nature shone through volunteering with Father’s Heart Street Ministry. Her exceptional skills were recognized on a national scale through multiple appearances on All Star teams including NorthStar Showcase (NY), Five Star Prospect Camp (FL), The Rising Showcase (PA), MVP, and Southern Elite Showcase (NC). Her achievements extended even to royal honors as West Linn High School May Day princess. Looking ahead, they are set to further their lacrosse journey at Elon University, competing at the D1 level.

Emily L: Emily shines as a dedicated student leader, with a stellar 4.0 unweighted GPA, holding the position of National Honor Society President. She excels not only academically, but also athletically as a Girls Golf Varsity athlete, earning distinctions such as Academic All-State and the titles of Mt. Hood Conference Girls Golf Champion and Player of the Year in both 2022 and 2023. She is further recognized for her golf prowess as a Class 6A First Team All-State member. Her involvement extends beyond sports, as she actively contributes to her school community through roles in Student Council and Key Club. She is also dedicated to giving back, participating in Oregon Junior Golf Association tournaments and volunteering with the First Tee – Greater Portland. Through her multifaced achievements, she exemplifies excellence, leadership, and commitment to both academics and community engagements.

Erika Z: Erika has consistently earned a spot on the President’s Honor Roll throughout their academic journey at Mt. Hood Community College, securing her place for Spring 2022, Fall 2022, and Winter 2023 terms since joining in Spring of last year. Outside of her studies, she finds joy in outdoor activities with her family, including hiking, biking, and skiing. Her passion for working with children shines through as she actively volunteers with children in the community. Her artistic pursuits encompass a love for Macramé, crochet, and painting.

Jackson C: Jackson is a dedicated individual with a passion for environmental advocacy and community engagement. As a former member of the Milwaukie Parks and Recreation Board and the Clackamas County Climate Action Plan Youth Advisory Task Force, they have demonstrated their commitment to addressing pressing climate issues. They also founded the Rex Putnam Earth Club, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility among peers. His involvement in organizing the September 19th, 2020 Portland Climate Strike showcases his dedication to raising awareness about climate change. Beyond his environmental pursuits, he holds a strong interest in philosophy, politics, nature, hiking, and environmental protection. He also has a knack for strategy games. Notably, they were awarded the Earthwatch Student Fellowship for Rex Putnam, underlining their contribution to environmental conservation.

Kaden B: Kaden is a standout second-year student at Clackamas County College and scholarship recipient known for his exceptional academics and unwavering dedication to his studies. As he continues his journey through higher education, his remarkable qualities and achievements as a student are sure to inspire and motivate others.

Kate B: Kate is a dedicated and well-rounded individual whose pursuits encompass a wide range of interests and achievements. As a valued member of the Women’s Rowing Team, she exhibits teamwork and determination on the sports field. Her commitment extends to her role as a College Corps Fellow, where she actively engages in community service and contributes positively to the college community. Through an internship with the City of San Diego, she gained valuable experience in local governance and public service. Her involvement in Model United Nations showcases her diplomatic and debate skills, while her passion for music fuels her creativity and inspiration as an Honors College Student, she consistently demonstrates academic excellence and a thirst for knowledge, embodying a well-rounded and motivated individual.

Landon S: Landon recently finished his first year at Chemeketa Community College, consistently earning a spot on the Dean’s list for their exceptional academic performance. Excelling in engineering calculus, he thrives with support from committed peers and faculty. Alongside his studies, he works as a full-time construction project manager, skillfully applying his academic knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Tyler B: Tyler is a passionate individual with a profound fascination for computational physics, driven by his enthusiasm for utilizing digital skills to tackle challenges within the realm of natural phenomena. With a background as the principal software engineer within his high school robotics team, he seized the extraordinary chance to conceptualize the automation and kinematics of a robotic arm, leading his team to receive a prestigious design award. Beyond their scientific pursuits, he channels his creativity into music composition, crafting soundtracks for numerous video games. Notably, one of his creations achieved a remarkable feat by securing a place in the top 10 of a worldwide competition, featuring more than 6,000 participants.


Though their personal stories are unique, each of this year’s recipients share the same drive for reaching their educational goals. It is an honor that we have the chance to help them realize their dreams. Credit unions were founded on the idea of being people helping people. At Embold, we improve lives and foster economic empowerment for all. We feel there’s no better way to do that than by supporting the education of our neighbors and members.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s recipients!


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