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Mobile Deposit Quick Tips

Mobile Deposit at Clackamas

As you may know, due to a change in the law, when making mobile deposits you must write “For Mobile Deposit Only at Clackamas” on the back of checks. Here is what you need to know to help make each deposit a success:

  • Place the check on a dark, flat background.
  • Take the photo above the check – not at an angle. Try to avoid shadows. 
  • Keep the background free of clutter and reflective surfaces. 
  • Check looking dark? Try using bright lighting.
  • Make sure the entire check is in the photo. Can you see all four sides? If not, retake the photo so all four edges of the check can be seen. 
  • Use a ballpoint pen with dark ink and write as legibly as you can.
  • Make sure “For Mobile Deposit Only at Clackamas” is between your signature and the bottom of the endorsement box – not above it or along the side.

Forget what to write? Don’t worry! The correct language – For Mobile Deposit Only at Clackamas – is now listed in the steps for completing a mobile deposit using our mobile app.

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