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Clackamas Gives Crucial Support to Clackamas Service Center

Clackamas Provides Crucial Support to Life-Saving Organization

Have you heard us mention Clackamas Service Center before? You might remember the devastating fire that was suffered a few years ago, or the support we offered to help the Center re-open its doors. We have staff who believe in Clackamas Service Center’s mission so much, they volunteer to cook in the kitchen once a month. Clackamas Service Center provides critical services to those in need in our community.

Our amazing history of support continues this year! We donated $10,000 to this life-saving organization. With this donation, in the past five years, we have given Clackamas Service Center support totaling over $50,000! This donation is crucial for those in-need in Clackamas County. In the month of October, Clackamas Service Center served over 1,000 households representing nearly 2,500 individuals! Over 500 of them were children. This support will help Clackamas Service Center cover food storage costs and vital facility maintenance, so they can focus time and energy on supporting their community members.

Debra Mason, Executive Director says “We are incredibly grateful for Clackamas Federal Credit Union’s donation. Distributing over 60,000 pounds of food each month calls for a lot of refrigeration! We believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, nutritious food, and we’re so lucky to have community partners like Clackamas Federal Credit Union who support this vision. Thank you for standing with us against hunger and food insecurity!”

Clackamas Service Center offers life-saving services through a trauma informed lens. Thousands of people turn to Clackamas Service Center to access services including medical care, hot meals in a restaurant-style setting, warm showers, clothing, groceries in a shopping-style market, and other support.

“Clackamas Service Center does amazing work providing critical services to the thousands of food and housing insecure families in our community,” said Clackamas CEO Aaron Goff, “It’s hard to imagine an organization more deserving of our support, we are certainly proud to help.”