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Hazard Insurance: Where to Start

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If you have suffered property damage due to fires, we put together some information about hazard insurance to help you navigate the next steps.

  1. Be sure to review your homeowners insurance policy to understand coverage from wildfires. Hazard insurance typically covers damage to your home and belongings, damage to outbuildings, and in most cases living expenses if your home is uninhabitable. Since every insurance policy is different, reviewing your policy and speaking with your insurance company is important, especially now.
  2. File a claim as soon as the danger passes. When there is widespread damage, insurers will be handling many claims. It is better to be near the front of the line.
  3. Be completely honest. Any fraud, omission, or misrepresentation could cause your claim to be denied.
  4. Create an inventory list of damaged and/or destroyed property and begin reviewing restoration and replacement costs with contractors. If you have a quote from a contractor, you will know if a claims adjuster offer is fair.
  5. Save all correspondence from your insurance company and lender. Document every detail.
  6. Save all receipts for living expenses. If you were forced to vacate your home and move to temporary housing, make sure to document all out-of-pocket expenses because they may be reimbursable.
  7. Make sure all promises and agreements are in writing.
  8. Be careful about closing a claim too soon. You want to be certain that all damage is taken into account. You may consider having a specialized contractor inspect your home.

Our hearts go out to so many of our members, staff, friends, and neighbors impacted by wildfires. We are here to serve you.