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Bank From Anywhere

Banking Online at Clackamas

With Online and Mobile Banking from Clackamas, you meet almost all of your banking needs no matter where you are. You can remain “sheltered in place” and still get your banking done. Curious what you can do from your phone or desktop? Let’s look into a few handy features:

Deposit a check.

With Mobile Deposit, you can deposit checks into your Clackamas accounts using Mobile Banking. All you have to do is take a photo of each side of the check, and be sure to add “Mobile Deposit Only at Clackamas” on the back. For some quick tips about using Mobile Deposit, check out a previous blog post by clicking here.

Pay your bills.

If you’re a Clackamas member with a checking account, and you’ve activated your free Online Banking, you can enroll in Online Bill Pay too. Simplify your life: schedule your payments in advance, and relax knowing you’ve got it covered. You can automate your payments to make paying your bills simple and fast. Online Bill Pay lets you schedule your payments when and how you like: one-time, multiple, and recurring. Plus, it saves an electronic copy of all the bills you’ve paid. No need to hold onto paper receipts.

Transfer funds.

You can transfer funds between your own account, or send money to another Clackamas member if you know the account number and name on the account. It’s quick, simple, and secure.

Make a loan payment.

It’s easy to make loan payments using online and mobile banking! Simply choose the account you want to pay from and the loan you are wanting to pay. Specify the amount and click submit!

Apply for a loan.

Need funds for an upcoming purchase? It’s easy to apply for a new loan using Online and Mobile Banking! Simply click “Apply Now” to get started!

Not signed up yet?

No problem. Click here to learn more and get started using Online Banking and click here for Mobile Banking.